We have partnered with Mojo at-home sperm testing service for those of you specialising in fertility issues. This enables your patients to get 22 biomarkers, delivered with a complete lab report.

MOJO Sperm TestMojo’s at-home, lab-based sperm test is the only lab-based male fertility test your patients can take from the comfort of their home to test their sperm health. The Mojo test is designed for people with sperm who want to understand their fertility and have peace of mind when trying to start their family.

It is no different to taking a sperm analysis test at a fertility clinic but without leaving the comfort of your home, avoiding awkward waiting rooms, sample cup in hand. It is an easy way to test, understand and – if needed – improve your sperm at an affordable price.

  • BAF offer: just £109 (RRP £150)
  • No waiting times
  • Results within a few days
  • Analysing 22 biomarkers (incl. sperm concentration, motility & morphology)
  • PDF lab report available
  • Consultation possible

Thanks to Mojo’s proprietary AI technology that has been developed in compliance with WHO standards and with the scientific team that co-developed these standards, you will receive 97% accurate results within a few days. The process to work with Mojo is easy: you place the order for your patient, Mojo handle everything else – from shipping the kit to analysing the sample and providing results.

  1. You order the Mojo kit online
  2. The patient scans the QR code on his Mojo kit at home
  3. The patient produces the sperm sample
  4. The Patient schedules the pick-up of the sample
  5. You receive the test results within two business days

Additional information can be found in this brochure.

BAF / CAHMA members can fill in this form to express their interest in using Mojo’s services.