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26th January 2022 – 祝跃平教授讲座天时地利人和命理断健康


24th January 2022 – CAHMA Promotional Video


8th December 2021 – 宾峰 针刺调整形态平衡技术浅析
(Bin Feng — Analysis of the Technique of Acupuncture Adjusting the Form Balance)


12th November 2021 – 汤淑兰 中医治疗不孕症的经验分享
(Tang Shulan: Experience Sharing of TCM Treatment of Infertility)


23rd September 2021 – 王鹏:极易针灸阴阳理论及七星针应用
(Wang Peng: The Theory of Yin and Yang of Easily Acupuncture and Application of Qixing Acupuncture)


6th August 2021 – 常琦瑛老师 筋膜 经络的解剖基础
(Teacher Chang Qiying-Fascia – The Anatomical Basis of Meridian)


24th June 2021 – 郭松鹏 一部五横五十六纵